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The Initiative

Collaborating people from diverse worlds of travel & education, Young Edsplorer Pvt Ltd. works in partnership with schools to promote the concept of Experiential Learning. Our experiential learning programs provide a unique opportunity to young minds for blending travel experiences with educational motives. We believe that our love for work and dedication towards developing innovative programs shall help us achieve the objective of our initiative

The Vision

Young Edsplorer aims to revolutionize the concept of learning through experiences for school students in the Indian Subcontinent. At a learning stage, a student’s mind has an enormous potential to grasp knowledge & form his opinion based on sheer experiences. Capitulating the power of this potential, our mission is to let the maximumnumber of young minds explore world and the environment around themselves

The Approach

At Young Edsplorer, educating students is the topmost priority and experiences are designed corresponding to the objective of student education. Our programs are designed after taking special considerations from field experts and school principals, utilising their experiences to develop a model most suited for school students. Besides, we lay special emphasis on details such as student security, minimising idle time, team building activities & interactive guides for students

Mission Discovery India

Team-up with NASA astronauts & launch your school into history and be amongst the first Indian students to send their experiments into space

Mission Discovery, an International Space & STEM programme, provides the opportunity for students to learn and work directly with astronauts, rocket scientists, and NASA leaders. Students from ages 14 - 18 carry out scientific research with NASA Astronauts, rocket scientists and NASA personnel for a week.In teams, students will propose an idea for their own scientific experiment; the best idea will be launched into space and carried out by Astronauts aboard the International Space Station.

During the five-day programme, students work directly with astronauts, rocket scientists, and NASA leaders for a week. Students spend the week learning from the Mission Discovery team, with the aim to design an experiment to be launched into space. The winning experiment will be performed aboard the International Space Station.

Mission Discovery was, by far, the most comprehensive, interesting, and educational endeavour I have been involved with. - Mike McCulley, Former NASA Astronaut & President of United Space Alliance

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Costa Blanca Cup 2017

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